M16 ‘Eagle Nebula’

By Anton Winter

This M16 ‘Eagle Nebula’ was taken from my suburban backyard on the 26th July 2013.

Total of 180 minutes sub-exposure time consisting of:

  • 30 x 1 minute
  • 24 x 5 minute
  • 3 x 10 minute

(No darks, flats or bias frames)

Taken with Canon 550D with an Astronomik CLS Clip In filter & Orion Field Flattener.

  • Imaging Scope: Orion ED80T
  • Guide Scope: Orion 80mm
  • Guide Camera: Orion Starshoot Autoguider
  • Mount: HEQ5 GOTO
  • Guiding: PHD
  • Image capture: Nebulosity3
  • Stacking and pre-processing: PixInsight