NGC5139 ‘Omega Centauri’

By Anton Winter

A little different from my normal Deep Space photography with lots of nebulosity, this image is of the largest known Globular Cluster in the Milky Way. Residing about 15,800 light-years away it has several million stars with evidence of a black hole at its center.

Photographed again from my light polluted suburban back yard on 16th may 2014 with a total exposure time of 110 minutes (10 x 2mins, 14 x 5mins & 2 x 10mins).


  • Modified Canon 550D with an Astronomik Clip in CLS filter
  • Orion ED80T Carbon Fiber imaging telescope
  • HEQ5 Pro mount
  • Orion Field Flattener
  • Orion 80mm guide scope
  • Orion Starshoot Autoguider

Captured with Nebulosity, processed with PixInsight and slight curves adjustments with Aperture3.